2012 Memorial Visitors


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What a wonderful Memorial day image.
C.S. 49

Thank you!

Interesting display Thank you

Thank you.
J.C-S 29

My Dad & Uncle were there - What a Gift of Honor!
E.A.V. 43

Thank you - A Memorial Day "must see!'

Thank you for remembering
A.A. 11

Wow! it's wonderful! Thank you!
A.P. 11

Many thanks.
L.D. 52, Roswell, GA

This is amazing. Thank you so much

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Thank you so much

We love this every year. - so special to bring our kids and help them remember!

Wonderful - thank you so much
F.S., OK

Cool crosses
C.S., GA

My brother [was] there with Patton
K.K., 51

Thank you for giving us the oppertunity to have a greater understanding of those that paid the ultimate price.
D.B., 60, GA

Another great display. Thank you very much!
S. & L. & A. & J.D., GA

Thank you for honoring our troops.

go U.S.A!

Amazing memorial...Thank you!
D.B., 30, Atlanta, GA

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Wonderful Memorial


Memorial Day (Decoration Day) has unfortunately become another day off. Thanks for remembering what it really stands for, to so many who served.

Thank you to all the Americans & Allies who fought for our freedom & the safety we enjoy today. My 88 yr. old father is a WWII vet. I am going to bring him to see this.
J.Y., Atlanta, GA

Thank you for such an accurate & patriotic display. Few people take the time to thank our veterans for the freedom they take for granted. As a military wife, I have witnessed trash being thrown on my husband & and fellow members of his unit... sincere thanks should have been given. To all members, past & present of our military, we thank you.
W. & J.G., Alpharetta, GA

Thank you for honoring all those who gave their lives for us. Truly a wonderful memorial. To all members of the military, thank you!
B. & H.B.

Thank you for honoring those who have been forgotten or overlooked by too many. Thank you for reminding me of their sacrifice as I stroll peacefully during an evening walk. These men are part of the reason we are free and safe to walk in our neighborhood. I never know exactly what it is, for your displays of appreciation for those who risked everything brings a great sense of weight for a duty I am personally terrified of ever partaking in. It is humbling and greatly appreciated. I look forward to more of your displays before I move to Ohio for law school. Thank you.
P., Atlanta, GA

In honor of by grandfather Lester B.J., Sr.(WWI) and my Father Lester B.J., Jr.(WWII)) both of whom survived their wars; and all of those, who fought and died even when they did not have basic freedoms in their homeland. In memory of all the young men in my community in Savannah who returned home in caskets weekly during the Vietnam War - overwhelming to a 12-20 year old. I thank you for the reminder.

Thank you again for your hard work! Such a wonderful thing you do with your yard over the year. God bless you and the USA!
F., Atlanta, GA

Thank you for the remembrance of such an important time in history. My father, Warren N., served in the 961st engineering company and landed in Normandy. He passed in 2011 @ age 92. Thanks for keeping his memory and the memory of others alive.
B.N., Decatur, GA

U.S. Naval academy class of 1947 (same as jimmy Carter) P.Y. M., 86, LCDR (Ret.); Korean war; Georgia; you are an outstanding neighbor and everyone is proud that you are in our neighborhood. P.Y.M.

Thank you for helping us all remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice -

D, what a marvelous display! Thank you for the time & money you gave for this tribute to our fallen troops on June 6, 1944. You are truly a servant of the Lord.
H.W. - June 6 2012

Thank you so much for your hard work in setting this memorial up every year. We all appreciate it.

Thank you for this memorial -your hard work and dedication make us more proud to remember and honor those who served. Bless you.
S.C. & L.D.

Another great display -
Love B.J. - June 5, 2012

Thank you!

Thank you for this and remembering those who served. God bless the USA!
S.S. 101st ABN Div/Somalia/desert storm

I don't think the kids of today have any idea what our brave soldiers gave to this great country for their freedom. God bless
B.C., Cleveland, OH 1934

Thank you so much for another year of your wonderful remembrance. God bless you. B.B.

Thanks! God bless!

Just finished watching all of the Van Buren film "The War". Words cannot describe it. Thanks for doing this so we remember.
J.B., Atlanta, GA

Thank you for this memorial. What a great way to honor our fallen vets.
B.T. USCG 1963-1967

A great memorial! Thank you!
J.Q.B. Paratrooper 11 A/B WWII

Thank you for all your years of dedicated work. This from a family of veterans of all wars
The C. Family

Inspiring, revealing, reminding and so forth. Thanks to greatest generation

Thank you so much for all of this! It is really special and wonderful!
L., E. & R.


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