2010 Memorial Visitors


ALL comments are reproduced here without edit or omission. The memory and honor of those depicted at the memorial is not compromised by any attempt to inhibit any individual's right to make any comment. They gave their lives so anyone could write any comment.

This is an outstanding display. You are amazing. Why was there no xmas tree this year? You had the best there was.
P.Y.M. 84 LCDR USN(Ret) GA

6/1 Thanks so much! We have so much to be grateful for & we have them to thank for this -

-Thank you. I ride to live. I run to live. They gave their lives so I can

Thank you so much for having this. We were in DC for Memorial Day and now my kids came back home to find your Memorial and it was nice for them to remember and recognize bravery of all these men.

Thank you so much - it is easy to forget what Memorial Day is Really all about - you recreation is amazing + so accurate. My dad (who celebrated his 86th birthday yesterday on June 2) is a WWII veteran and it is still very real in his memory.

Thank you for bringing this moving memorial onto American soil. I am 44 years old today and it was not until I stood on the coast of Normandy at Omaha Bch that I began to realize the scope of the loss of life that day. It made me proud to be an American to see the gratitude of the older French people I met, but I couldn’t stop thinking how sad it was to see all the young men cut short in their prime and buried on French soil. Thank you for “bringing home” a small piece of that immense cemetery.

Thank you D.


Thank you
DeKalb County Police Dept.

Thanks for your tribute! It's so prefectly done - shocking.
A, 19, GA/ L, 20, GA/ L, 20, GA/ M, 20, GA/ M, 20, GAj

Thank so much. Reminds me of all my Dad did $amp; how much I appreciate what all the vets did

I think this is a very well put together thing you have done and helps all of us who were not alive see what happened during this time.
G, 15, GA

I’ve lived in this neighborhood all of my life, and you never cease to amaze me –not only with the courage to display such large objects in your yard, but also the care and thoughtfulness of the displayal. It’s beautiful! Thank you for remembering these men and their courage...


Thanks – in memory of my husband, B.L., former US. Army Vietnam Vet God bless our Veterans

Thanks for Remembering - Best Wishes
173rd Airborne Btn 62-64-66-67 B.O.

My teacher would love this
C, 12

You always do a great job in honor/memory of these men
E.M., B.G.

Many thanks for this important tribute to our military.


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