2009 Memorial Visitors


ALL comments are reproduced here without edit or omission. The memory and honor of those depicted at the memorial is not compromised by any attempt to inhibit any individual's right to make any comment. They gave their lives so anyone could write any comment.

I always appreciate this display every year. Thanks for keeping the memory alive.
J. 60 GA (a neighbor)

Great tribute!
LTC (retired) USA N.C.

Wonderful to see this again. Thank you.
J. H. 34 GA

I was lucky my father could have been there. We are so indebted to these servicemen. Thanks
E. J. (neighbor)

thank you for doing this
K. (neighbor)

Thank you for the memorial!
W. (neighbor)

Thank you!

Thank you for making me stop & think on an otherwise "normal day".
A. 37 GA (neighbor)

Thank you for this! It is cool!

Thanks for taking the time to honor these veterans!

Who are you _______, _____ Thanks for doing this! It is nice of you.

My Uncle E. flew 2 sorties on D-day . He lived to be 85 & still was a brave & spirited man with many stories to tell until his last day. What will our stories be?

What a great tribute! God Bless You!

Cool Beans

A very impressive display. I will bring my children to see this learn and about Normandy

Thank you for this moving and touching memorial

I have driven by here most everyday for 8 years but this year I nocticed the visitors booth. I am impressed and grateful for such an awesome display, and lesson in history. Thank you.

I like your memorial! :-) < 3 EV

Thank you so much for birning the sacrifice of WWII to peoples mind. It is to often forgotten what our country did for freedom across the globe

Thank you for this moving tribute to all those "who gave the last full measure of devotion."
T.P., 77, GA

We very much appreciate your efforts to allow Americans, especially young Americans + "new" Americans to understand the scrafices of their countrymen during WWII.

A fine display for the sake of community! We appreciate your work!

Than you! We appreciate the memorial each year.
S., L., and J.

Thank you!
LT Col A.B> - Army Signal Corp 1944-1945 USAF 1945-67.

Thank you from his sone - your neighbor
D. B.

Thank you so very much! God bless

Ran by the memorial tonight, June 6. Thanks for the reminder.

This is so awesome!!! I'm new to the area + this is a great thing!

Touching display. God Bless all those who have given the ultimate for us
W.S. + A.R.(Iraq vet.!)

Gone but not forgotten thanks to men like you! Thanks so much.
P. + J.B.

We are grateful to you for this great display and to these brave soldiers who gave their lives to ensure our Freedom

My dad lost his leg in Saipan/WWII (U.S. Army) purple Heart Sgt. W.F.Sr.
W.A.F.Jr Specialist 5th Class, Former U.S. Army Vietnam, Era.

God bless you for providing our area with this touching display honoring these brave men, who gave their lives so that we can enjoy our freedom! My Uncle W.B.W., gave his life as a Navy pilot in WWII. My father, W.E. survived as a Lieutenant on a Naval battleship in WWII. My other Uncle, R.T. was in WWII, on "the WASP", a Naval Destroyer How we appreciate our service men & women, past & present.
Gratefully, A.L.


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