2008 Memorial Visitors


ALL comments are reproduced here without edit or omission. The memory and honor of those depicted at the memorial is not compromised by any attempt to inhibit any individual's right to make any comment. They gave their lives so anyone could write any comment.

D. your neighbor - plus M. & S. + C.
Thanks for doing this!

My Name is SGT L, and I served with the 4ID in Iraq. Thank you for doing this, it brings pride to all veterans.
SGT L., 1/67AB, 2BCT, 4ID

I'm a mom of 2 young boys. While I hope they never see war, I appreciate your display so that they can understand the sacrifices of our veterans.
Thanks! C.D. - Atlanta

Im Glad my dad wasn't in the war but he played in the army band, Well anyway Thanks For Letting us stop by
C. & G.

D. - What a joy to celebrate victory - over duty over Hitler and the power of sacrifice
Thanks to God for victory M. & S. S.

Thank you
The M.s

D., I know how much this means to you. and im glad I got to help you put it together it came together really well
A., your best friend

dude, your yard is best! yet its kind of strange + freaky. its still pretty pimp!
someone you don't know

Forget the whole "permitting" issue!
C. of Decatur, Ga Incredible!!

Your display really moved me - thank you for everything that you did -
a distant neighbor

You put so much time into this, what a passion! Your honor to these who served our country will never be forgotten. Thank you for sharing your passion with us.

Thank you for doing this every year!

This is a magnificent tribute to all our fine young soldiers + Marines
Thanks, from a Gold Star Dad

BP (20 years old in 1944), Rank=PFC, Conflict=Normandy Very excellent display. Thanks for your work. Our unit was 186 FA BATTALION, landed June 8, {19]44 at Normandy, 5th Corps, 1st Army, 155MM howitzer; supported 18th infantry Regiment of 1st Division; unit was with them in the beginning of invasion and later in France + Germany
Thanks again 6-5-08

Nicely done + a moving memorial, I appreciate the reminder of those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom!
K.C., Atlanta, GA

Thank you for this special tribute and reminder to people we much never forget.

Be thankful for the freedom you enjoy because these American, British, French soldiers died for you on June 6, 1944
J.H.C. 445th Bomb Group - Atlanta, GA 6/6/08

What a moving tribute to the thousands of brave soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom. My late father fought overseas during WWII. Thanks for this reminder of the cost of freedom - sadly in a few years most of the WWII veterans will be gone.
The S.s

Beautiful - Thank you!

Wonderful job!

" "

Wonderful display Thanks.

This is a wonderful thing that you do. I've come by every year since I first saw it. Thank you
L.M. E-6 Vietnam - Atlanta, GA

Thanks for caring. It is so moving and awesome!

This is a wonderful endeavor to both to bring remembrance and to try to get young people to be aware Thanks
M. - Lex, KY age 65

Thanks for reminding us of the price that was paid for our freedom! God bless you
P. & J. B.

Fantastic -
J. & M.

What a wonderful way to communicate.
Thank you. A.

So glad to see you are keeping up the memory! It was the Greatest Generation! Thank you.

Thank you for your wonderful exhibit.
The S.s

Thank you for this wonderful display. It is very inspiring.
The C. & A. S.s

D. C.

Thank you for creating this memorial. It is a fitting reminder of those who have sacrificed for our freedom. My 4 older brothers served in WWII and our family is honored and proud of their service Two of the 4 survive to this day.
J. H.

My brother was one who gave his life in WWII in the Pacific Theatre Thank you for your efforts to remember the fallen in this conflict.
L. D.

Thanks for this lovely memorial. My fiancé (college love of my life) was shot down and killed over the Ploesti Oil Fields on my birthday Aug 1, 1943

Wonderful remembrance of this our crucial moment in history + those who gave their lives to insure the world would be saved from the Nazi horror.
J. C.

Thank you for doing this wonderful tribute to ourWWII hero's!.
J. & V. N.

Wonderful remembrance of this our crucial moment in history + those who gave their lives to insure the world would be saved from the Nazi horror.
J. C.

I visited this cemetery in Normandy three years ago. I was overwhelmed with grief, pride, and impacted with gratitude for so many who gave their lives that we may be a free nation today. Thanks for reminding us!
L. D. - Decatur

My grandfather, a WWII veteran in the Pacific Theatre, saw this in the summer of 2004. He was extremely moved and tearful. He passed away in December of 2004..

I like what you do Thank you – it is so important to remember -

Our grandfather was in WWII in the Pacific (Navy). Thank you for helping people today to remember those from our past..
The Ms – Stone Mtn., GA

Thank you for doing this every year. My dad was on the West Coast waiting to invade Japan when the war ended. God Bless You.
J. K. – Atlanta, GA

Thanks + GodBless you June 15, 2008, My father was a WWII boy!

Thank you for this beautiful memorial of the sacrifices American men and families made to preserve our freedom during WWII. My dad was in the Air Force in WWII.

I hope and pray that this degree of sacrifice will never be necessary again. We can thank these men and women for our present peace, such as it is + hope that our future generations will not miss the lesson and once again allow tyrannical men to force their will on the world!
T.D. 06/15/05

A great tribute to the fallen for such a GREAT WORLD CAUSE. May GOD BLESS these and all of those who fought to keep America safe and FREE!!

THANKS. The Old Man was one of few survivors of 90th DIVISION (Texas + Oklahoma) @ UTAH BEACH. He hooked up with survivors of the 101st airborne and made it through to hook up with Patton. He never talked about it much.


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