2007 Memorial Visitors


ALL comments are reproduced here without edit or omission. The memory and honor of those depicted at the memorial is not compromised by any attempt to inhibit any individual's right to make any comment. They gave their lives so anyone could write any comment.

Think if we didn't go in there and stop them we would have lost the war and hitler's men would be ruling the world. but we went in and got the job done!
Ct (age 10?)

The sacrifices of this generation will never be forgotten.
DG, Ellijay, GA

M., R. + M.A.

Thank you for doing this for them.

Thank you for keeping this memory alive. particularly for those of us in younger generations. We won't forget.

you are amazing! thanks so much and God Bless!


Very thought provoking memorial.

A wonderful memorial. I look forward to seeing it every year
W.L.M. SSGT DOB-09/11/46, Vietnam Era, Ga.

A wonderful memorial to portray history this way. Thank you for your patriotism.

Thank you for all your hard work.

What a beautiful tribute.

Dog gone great! -Oodle the Poodle

Thank you its really beautiful

This is a wonderful tribute for Memorial Day! My dad was killed in the Battle of the Bulge in WWII.
M.E., Social Circle, GA

Wonderful - Thank you for bringing home the real reason for Memorial Day -
S.P. - A. Cleveland

Thank you for doing this. It is an educational for us. I've learnt more about U.S. History. I'm from Thailand. I am a foreign exchange student. Thank you again.

We really appreciate all the work that you go through to share this with your community.
Kindly - A.H.

This is a fantastic memorial. Very unexpected whe I ran by. The men at Normandy deserve it.

Thank you for honoring these who have so bravely served this country.
P. & B.M.

CPL C., Decatur GA - Operation Iraqi Freedom 2005-2006

Beautiful tribute/display THANKS MUCH TO ALL!
A.C. (wife of above CPL)

You are amazing. Thanks for reminding us of such a significant time in American History.

Thank you!
G.W., USN Desert Storm son of S.W. USARMY WWII, Vietnam, Korea

D.L.+family - B Co, 1st of 6th VN 1970,71 - 23rd Div (Amreican)

This is a very moving tribute to very brave men and women. Many thanks for your efforts.
J. & D.R., Montarey, MA

As a neighbor in the Druid Hills area for over 35 years, I have always looked forward to "What's next" in this yard. My Father was in WWII and I appreciate this memorial. Please remember!

My dad was in WWII. This was truly the greatest generation - Thank you for all your effort in honoring these great men!
L., B., & W.

I live around the corner and I really love this memorial. We should all be reminded of + honor the sacrifice brave men and women made for our freedom Thank you for honoring them + helping us to remember them.

Thank you for all of your hard work, and a huge thank you to the men and women serving presently as well as those who have served in the past. Words cannot express my gratitude for those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that I might live in freedom
B.B. - God Bless Them All!

Thanks for this. My father served in WWII and Korea + I'm so proud of him. This means so much
D.S., Pastor - Father, F.S, Gunner's Mate, USS Raby - DE-698

D. - My comrades, who sleep in eternal rest at Colleville, are now looking down on the work you have done to perpetuate their memory. I will be in touch soon, via e-mail - C.
C.B., "H" Co., 3rd Bn, 501st Prcht Inf Regt, 101st AB Div., Normandy, Hillard, Bastogne, Central Germany.

Thanks for all of your work. It is a very moving presentation. God bless.
F.O.P., Pastor

Thank you for this wonderful display of patriotism, you made my year! RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!
A.P., 29, SGT, Operation Iraq Freedom (3x)/Operation Enduring Freedom (1x), GA

What a touching and loving tribute to those who gave their lives for our freedom and way of life. With so many younger generations out of touch with our reality, this is an important reflection of our history.
Many thanks and blessings, S.C.

They were fighting in what some people call the land of love But all they got was Hate and Death
god Bless them all, Anonymous

Thank you for being model Americans, As a son of a WWII Vet, I am grateful for your commitment to illustrating true patriotism.
God Bless, D.C. + Family

My Dad's Birthday was June 6th 1940 was his 38th. He always claimed that hearing the news was the best birthday present he ever got. Rest in Peace, troopers.
P.G., Rome, GA

Thank you for this! What a lovely tribute to fallen service men. Wish I had time to read the book would love to view it over a weekend

A very impressive monument to WW2! Thank you for reminding us of the sacrifices these men made.
D.D., Decatur

Thank you for remembering and for caring.


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