2005 Memorial Visitors


ALL comments are reproduced here without edit or omission. The memory and honor of those depicted at the memorial is not compromised by any attempt to inhibit any individual's right to make any comment. They gave their lives so anyone could write any comment.

God bless them all.
Daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, 28

Awesome! Thanks for reminding us.
C.M. 69, Decatur

Thank you!
M. 49

This is an incredibly impressive reminder of how much we have to be thankful for. It makes me happy and I am indebted to you for the hard work you have put into this project. Though I never served my father was in the Air Force from 1954-1985, Thanks again!
G.G. 41, Decatur, GA

Thank you for the great monument to freedom!
L. 44

My father flew the hump, my uncle was with Patton, my other uncle was with the O.S.S.. Your display is incredible and should be on the front page of every newspaper and magazine - God Bless you!
J.T. Roswell, GA

Gone - but never forgotten!!
H.T. 44, FL

My parents are buried at Arlington... (We) lived in France directly after WWII. My first visual memories are standing with my father looking at bombed out cites of Europe - I am so grateful that history is not lost because of your efforts. Thank you.

Thank you.
O.T. 57, LTC(Ret) Vietnam - GA

Thank you.

Thank you for reminding us of the sacrifices made for our freedom.

Thank you for a job well done! This is wonderful!

Thank you for being so American to do this
U.S. Navy, Guantamo Bay 1944

I wonder if you are going to propose one monument like this for all the people being constantly killed by the us army. Including children from many places that are starving due to US international policies.

Thanks, D. - another splendid job!
J.L. USN-Ret & M.L.

I guess dead soldiers can't be honored without snotty liberal stopping by to whine. A shame...

Right on bro!

What a wonderful rememberance. Thank you.
R.B., Pilot Army Air Corps

C.P., Cpt. Vietnam, U.S. Army

Great job
E.H. 101st Airborne Division 1967-1968 Vietnam

I visited Normandy a month ago. Thank you for this visual memorial to the fallen heros.
A.L. 66

Thank you -

Quiet morning...birds...breeze..., the feel of an actual cemetary complete with respect and reverence.

My grandfather was in the 10th Armored Div of Patton's 3rd Army...Battle of the Bulge. THANK YOU! THIS IS IMPORTANT HISTORY. I have been to Normandy. Words cannot describe it...an incredible sacrifice was made for all of us then...and NOW.
B.K. 38, Decatur, GA

My grandfather was in Normandy right after D-Day and fought in Italy. I'm not clear on exactly what he did b/c he never talked about it. According to my mom, he was never the same after the war and never recovered from it. I appreciate this memorial...it's too easy to forget about the sacrifices my grandfather and his fellow soldiers made. It's disturbing to read the "snotty liberal" comment a few pages back - as a liberal, I can appreciate the memorial and still be concerned about our motivations for the current war...hopefully without being "snotty". Best regards and thanks.
V. 34

Thanks, D. We appreciate all the work and emotion you put into this beautiful memorial.

Thank you for reminding us of the ones who ventured all they had to protect all that we love.
Anonymous 37 E-5 USN, GA

This is an awesome memorial. Thank you for being brave enough to display this in your yard. Gob bless America! Woo Hoo!
R.H. 12

Right back at you R.! If I put this in my yard I would be Proud as Proud get! Good job!
Z.B. 12

This is awesome. I would be to scared to put this in my yard. Some of my relatives were in this. It reminds me to be thankful to be free. God bless america!
C.H. 11

D, thank you for the Memorial it is wonderful! Americans need to be reminded of this and of WWII more often and our freedoms - Glad we know ya -

J.K. 06/12/05


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