2004 Memorial Visitors

Several days after the 2004 Atlanta memorial commenced, a number of notes from visitors were left on various scraps of paper. To accommodate visitors’ desire to leave comments, a blank section for comments was added to a notebook of the COMPLETE LIST OF NAMES INTERRED AT NORMANDY, available at the Atlanta memorial. This web page lists the transcriptions of those visitor comments.

June 6th, 2004 (This note was left on "formal stationary")
Dear Sir-
Thank you so much for your tribute to Normandy, to D-Day. It is quite breathtaking, inspiring reverence. My father went in on the 6th day of the invasion. He was a Medic. He survived to serve in the Pacific front as well. He died in 1995, at the age of 73.
Sincerely, L.T.

June 8th, 2004 (This note was left on a scrap of paper)
Thank you for the Memorial. My family and I were at the Marietta National Cemetary on Memorial Day.
Appreciativly, C.


Thank you for remembering those who gave so that I could sign this book. You give us all something to think about. Thanks

- Wonderful, poignant, unforgettable. Thank you for reminding us of the sacrifice of war - I've seen so many people stop and just look. You are affecting so many people with this presentation.

This is GREAT – It brings it home for us – sure stirs up patriotism and Thanksfulness. Wonderful job!

God bless you for your fervent devotion to keeping the memory of these men and women at the forefront of our minds. In these times of conflict, it is comforting to remember the legacy America has to preserving freedom and justice.

C.G. 55, Colonel, Texas

Thank you so much – My Dad's name is here on the list – this memorial brings many memories. Thank you! A very nice tribute -

What a tribute. Your last monuments were equally moving. Thank you.

Thanks so much for your very impressive display. God help us now!
H.E.H. 78 Cpl. U.S. Army W.W.II

Glad we were able to talk with you today – you're a dedicated young man to install this memorial to the many heroes -
G.J. 78 Cpl. U.S. Army W.W.II – 06/15/2004

Thank you for this outstanding tribute to all who served and particularly those on D-Day. I was one of the Air Force fighter pilots who flew over Normandy on three missions that day – 16 hours. Our job was to keep German fighters from the beaches and, on subsequent missions, to keep German tanks, reinforcements, [and] equipment from reaching the beaches. I salute you for this tribute. Blue Skies!
B.P. 83 Capt., W.W.II and Korea W.V/now Atlanta

A wonderful tribute to those who sacrificed it all. May God bless them forever.
E.P.G. Capt, USMC Pacific Central Area, Decatur, GA

On "D" Day at Normandy the 4th Div was enroot to Sipan, that island was the inner defense of Japan where the big planes [B-29s] took off to bomb Japan. Freedom is not free. Thank you for remembering.
W.L.R. USMC 4th Div, Central Pacific

Thanks! And God Bless -

Thank you for remembering! So many take this sacrifice for granted. I can only stand in awe! God bless these and their families and again thank you.

I applaud the statement but can't help but think about all the deaths this represents which only makes me oppose the act of war, absence of civilization even more.
C.C. 37 pacifist

C.C. (above) was the only person to not stow the [guest] book out of the rain for others.
There is no political statement here! This is to honor brave men and women who died so you and others may write words here or any place. Yes, this is about death, but to ignore the sacrifice they made, is to forget what they gave so we all could enjoy a life of freedom. Frequently pacifism is not a choice allowed by history's evil-doers. "Evil triumphs when good men [and women] do nothing." (Edmund Burke 1729-1797) These men and women did do something. That is what we should remember.
D.T.M., 45, Groundskeeper.

Although I did not serve in Normandy, I spent three years in the Army Air Corps during World War II. I commend you for this wonderful display of those who gave their lives for our freedom.
C.H. 83, Major, Georgia

Very beautiful – Thank you for keeping us remembering those who helped to give us freedom – Our prayers are for you. Semper Fi
S.E.H. 4th Marine Div

It's wonderful! A privilege to see.

What a great thing you did. I am a World War II Pacific [veteran]
T.W. LaGrange

Thank you for this moving and profound tribute to members of the greatest generation.
J.R. 60, Atlanta


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